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    Ewenla Realtors have both the experience and expertise to complete your project using the highly effective design-build approach. With this project delivery method, we become responsible for both the design and construction phases of your project, ensuring that concept and constructability blend seamlessly.

    The design-build approach allows us to bring value engineering into the design process at the onset of your project. We will also provide input on pricing and constructability. In addition, design-build allows for a tighter schedule, as we often can initiate elements of the project before the entire design is complete. When using this approach, time and money are saved and risks are eliminated for our clients.

    It’s the details that count. Because when they are given a backseat, they inevitably move up front and can overtake the direction of a project.

    With over 30 years of experience, let us bear the load as we assume 100% of the responsibility for your construction project while you stay focused on your daily business operations.

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